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Yoga based training that calms your mind + sculpts your body.  
Wherever you are on your wellness journey, we are here to support you..



Our mission at HERDIVINEYOGA is to inspire and nurture communities of holistically fit (mind, body, spirit) and empowered women through the teachings of Yoga and Mindfulness.We want to give our students a sacred space to be deeply connected to the heart of yoga.  Our emphasis is on the embodiment of Grace and an unfolding of the philosophical teachings in each session to open the practitioner’s heart to life’s possibilities, creating vibrancy of body, mind and spirit.  As such, HERDIVINEYOGA becomes an alignment guide for our life, on and off the mat.


• Livestream classes available 3 days per week.

• Access to a versatile on-demand library to easily train on your own time.

• On-demand guided audio meditations.


Join me for live zoom classes 3 days a week.
HERDIVINE 15, HERDIVINE Yoga Flow on Saturdays, and Gentle Yoga on Sundays. If you miss a class, play the recording on demand.



View my growing library of videos. You can choose from a variety of previous class recordings and guided audio meditations.



Need something more intimate?
Corporate Mindfulness Training? Small group? 
Reach out directly & let's discuss.


This is a perfect class for students new to yoga or a moving vinyasa experience. A 45 minute flow that GENTLY eases into standing and balancing poses, with a dose of core work, and a gentle stretch and meditation to close.This class is accessible for all levels.


15 minutes of toning, sculpting and tightening abs, arms, butt, & legs.This class combines strength training and yoga based movements, followed by 5 minutes of deep stretching and finished with a 3 min meditation. Expect to get a quick & efficient total workout for your mind and body.


In this class we will spend 30 minutes on stabilizing and increasing mobility in all of the movements of the hips, including the IT bands, glutes, hamstrings and quads. Discover transformation when your hips are open.


I'm sooo glad I joined Danni’s 10 day challenge to heal and renew my spirit, mind, and body. It is a blessing! - K. Milton, Los Angeles

The challenges are so much fun and a big part of it is Danni! Her energy and personality makes it both intimate and motivating but in a supportive and empathetic way as well, unlike many other health challenges where I felt like they used a lot of shaming and guilting tactics. I always felt positive with Danni! - Kim T. ,Virginia

The guided meditations are wonderfully simple and gracious. Sets the tone for a peaceful and restful day. Thank you. - Brian, Virginia

Danni was amazing! She taught a small group of friends and I for my private birthday event and it’s something we will now do on a monthly basis! - Ashleigh E. , Florida

I loved my experience with HERDIVINEYOGA! No matter how I may have felt about myself going into this experience, she made me feel as though any and all of my goals are attainable, and that I can do this. - J.H., Florida

Danni’s, I AM Courage guided meditation is my new favourite meditation!!! Perfect length! Beautiful and calming voice! Exactly what I need to hear in the morning! I’m going to play this one everyday for 30 days! Thank you Danni! - April L. , BC,Canada


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